Since 1968, more than 60,000 students worldwide have participated in the Duncan Ceramics teacher educational programs, taught by the foremost ceramics expert in the world, Duncan Ambassadors.

In the year 2000, we unveiled the all new Duncan University, built on the foundation of 32 years of ceramics education experience. Discover the wealth of knowledge, inspiration and creativity just waiting for you at every level of Duncan University!


4 One-Day Essentials Courses 
Earn a CDT pin and diploma as you graduate to the next level in creativity! You'll become a Certified Duncan Teacher after four one-day essentials courses designed to introduce you to ceramics and the variety and uses of Duncan products.

10 Courses 
Expand your ceramics education! Earn a Shield Club pin and diploma when you complete 10 courses and continue to learn the secrets of the ceramics pros.

25 Courses 
Keep your creativity going and celebrate a milestone in your ceramics knowledge with the Erma Duncan Award pin and porcelain plate, earned after attending 25 classes.

50 Courses 
Achieve the Sapphire Award as you reach the upper echelon in ceramic artistry! Duncan recognizes you as an advanced ceramist after 50 courses.

You've almost reached the top!  The prestigious Emerald Award is yours after completing 75  Courses.

100 Courses!
Celebrate your expertise with the ultimate Duncan University award--the Diamond Award--given to those who complete 100 courses.  This is the highest level of achievement in the Duncan University Program.  Congratulations!



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